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11.3 Installation Methods

For netbooks and pc's without a dvd drive, the traditional method of creating a bootable usb from the full dvd.iso no longer works.
Also the usual methods of using tools such as unetbootin, etc. to create a live usb, no longer works.
The work-around is to download one of the live kde or gnome versions and then create a live usb as described here.

If you disconnect the network, no extra files will be downloaded from the Internet.
If you need a copy of the full dvd, you can either download it to your hdd and then add it later as a local iso source in the yast repos or just extact it to a usb stick and add this as the install source.
This will then allow you to add whatever extra software you require from the dvd when you need it.

The great thing about the openSUSE live iso's is that they will automatically use the remaining space on the usb stick to create a persistent live usb stick on first boot, which means you can take your personal openSUSE everywhere!
This is not emphasized (and leads to confusion) in the curent documentaton, but is a bonus! Unlike other distros that only allow you to create a persistent live usb later, openSUSE does it automatically.